Cancellation/Refund Policy

Customer can cancel his/her order anytime up to the cut-off time of the chosen slot for which a customer has placed an order—by dropping us an email at OR by calling our customer service. For all the cancelled orders, we shall refund any outstanding payments already made by the customer. However, if we suspect any fraudulent transaction by any customer or any transaction which defies our terms & conditions of using the website, we, at our sole discretion may cancel such order. We shall maintain a negative list of all fraudulent transactions and customers and deny future access to them (or cancel any orders placed by them). If due to some reason, a customer is not satisfied with the quality or freshness of the product delivered, he is entitled to return the product at the time of delivery or within the delivered date (and not more than that). We will take the returned product back with us and same will be notified to our team for any outstanding amount to be credited back to your account, which will be refunded to you in your account or the same can be reimbursed in next purchase.

Note: 24 Ghanta solely has the right to cancel the order with or without reason at any point of time.

Terms & Condition

1. Online payment refund takes about 3-4 working days by bank to credit money in customer’s account.

2. Product delivery is based on product’s availability.

3. Once order is received by you, we request you to check all the things like products quantity, MRP, unit, etc. Once it is delivered to you no further queries will be entertained.

4. 24 Ghanta will not be responsible for the late delivery in case of unpredictable weather, or unavoidable circumstances or any natural calamity.

Return Policy

1. Products like Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy, Frozen, Bakery – they can’t be returned.

2. FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) Products can be returned at the time of delivery.

3. Opened lid or broken or tampered seal products will not be returned.

4. Expired products are under return policy point.

5. 24 Ghanta will not take damaged products as a return goods.